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Transparent LCD Display exciting new ways to engage your audience.

  • Product Item:T-LCD Touch
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  • Surface Structure: Acrylic cove
  • Dimesions: 12.1'', 19''-46''
  • Compatible foramts: MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4,MP3,AVI,JPEG Storage type:CF card/SD card /USB
  • Specification of LCD Panel Resolutins: 800*480, 1280*1024, 1680 * 1050, 1920 * 1080, 1366* 768
  • Product Manual:Transparent LCD display - Size of 15 " to 65" is available currently, Transparent LCD display, 22 lcd transparent samsung ,Good and high quality. Transparent Video Display: The inside exhibit can be

Transparent LCD Display Box

The inside exhibit can be seen while the pictures or vedios are displayed.It will strength cunstomer’s experience on product brand with the combination of dynamic information and the actual product display.As a innovative

technology,Transparent LCD provides a brand new idea on displays. The combination on digital image/video with actual turns into a perfect way of promoting your products.

We provides a wide range on size and functional options.Size of 15 " to 65" is available currently, and solution like simple plug-and-play as well as multi-touch screen are achievable with us.

Add Touch Ways:

1. The HD LCD technology combined with a transparent screen substrate opens up creative avenues that have never been an option with traditional LCD screens. Presenting solid black pixels on a transparent background can offer intriguing ways to deliver visual information to your audience, being used to reveal or conceal whatever is behind the screen.

2. As part of a transparent showcase, these screens can also be granted touch capability by combining them with touch foils or touch frames, to add an interactive element to your installation. This creates a very powerful impact when the content on screen integrates with real life objects behind the screen, encouraging viewers to interact on a level that will exceed expectations.

3. The uses for this technology are limited only by your imagination. Retail windows, interactive booths, display cases, interactive games, vending machines, drinks coolers, this list goes on.

1, Transparent LCD display
2, Flexible size and customization
3, Support Transparent video and picture display

4, Colorful

Surface Structure: Acrylic cove
Dimensions: 12.1', 19'-65'
Compatible formats: MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4,MP3,AVI,JPEG
Storage type:CF card/SD card /USB
Specification of LCD Panel
Resolutions: 800*480, 1280*1024,  1680 * 1050,  1920 * 1080,  1366* 768
Viewable angle(L/R/U/D):50/50/35/50
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Contrast: 300:1Audio
Output Speaker: 2Wx2 (optional)
Power consuption: 24WOSD
Language: Multi-languages

Play mode: Accessories User manual x 1pc, Remote control x 1pc, Power adapter x 1pcThe video file could be set as single paly, loop and played sequentiallyRolling text (optional)Instant message could be sent.

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