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Fresnel Hard Projection Screen INP-FNE

  • Product Item:UST Fresnel Hard Screen
  • Category:Fresnel Hard Projection Screen
  • Views:20328
  • Gain: 1.2 Viewing Angle: 140 degree
  • Thickness: 1cm Size/Ratio: 100” 16:9
  • Fabric Color: Dark Grey 4K: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degree Total Size: 2234*1265*10mm Weight: 20kg
  • Product Manual:Fresnel Hard Projection Screen INP-FNE

Fresnel Hard Projection Screen INP-FNE

INP-FNE is front projection, uniquely designed for ultra short throw projectors. With the principle of Fresnel lens, it
can absorb ambient light from different directions, thus improving the image quality. It is an ideal choice for high
end home theaters.
Gain: 1.2
Viewing Angle: 140 degree
Thickness: 1cm

1.Excellent effect;
2.11mm frame, elegant and exquisite;
3.Easy for installation, long life(more than 10 years)

Product Parameter:
Size/Ratio: 100” 16:9
Screen Material: Fresnel Hard Projection Screen
Fabric Color: Dark Grey
Ambient Light Rejecting Ability: Excellent
Gain: 1.2
Applicable Projectors: Ultra Short Throw
Viewing Angle: 140 degree
Total Size: 2234*1265*10mm
Weight: 20kg
4K: Yes

Black Technology I: Fresnel Lens Structure INP-FNE can effectively absorb ambient light, thus providing striking images in bright environment. Fresnel structure is a special optics structure, which can adjust the direction of the incident light, to make the light well distributed.

Black Technology II: 8 Optical Layers INP-FNE consists of 8 functional layers, to project high quality images. The dark grey screen can effectively absorb ambient light and improve brightness. Each layer is made of resin material, inside which there are nanoscale particles.

Black Technology III: high gain, speckle suppression INP-FNE has 1.2 Gain, 50% higher than similar projector screens. It can effectively eliminate speckles and protect human eye.

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