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3D fog screen description

  • Product Item:G-fog screen
  • Category:
  • Views:1338
  • Fixing Features: hanging 2. Control method: remote control
  • Imaging play device: projector or laser
  • Power: AC 110V-240V
  • Projector requirements: 5000 lumens above
  • Product Manual:3D fog screen description
3D fog screen description
1. Fixing Features: hanging
2. Control method: remote control
3. Imaging play device: projector or laser
4. Screen area: 1m long 2m long 3m long x 0.55m wide x 0.6m high Or customized
according to venue size (can some sets jointed together to larger the width with no seam)
5. Power: AC 110V-240V
6. Power: 3000W
7. Water consumption: 6 liters / H (connected to the water pipe, the machine full of their own,
lack of water to open their own)
8. Gross weight: 120KG

9. Projector requirements: 5000 lumens above

1、Fog screen system is the use of ultrasonic integrated atomizer to produce a large number of particle mist, created in

conjunction with the principles of aerodynamics, it creates flat misty screen, use of particle fog flat characteristics as the optical path carrier, Then a special fluid and vivid media is projected on the carrier, It can form a virtual three-dimensional image in space, giving people a new three-dimensional visual enjoyment. In this illusory image, people can freely shuttle, creating the illusion that real people can enter the video screen. It is a new type of display medium that can be changed and traditionally can not penetrate the screen. it has a vast market prospects.

2、Internal use of integrated ultrasonic movement, no mechanical drive, quiet, high atomization efficiency, resulting in a
concentration of negative ions, low failure rate, easy maintenance.
3、Fog raw materials: ordinary water, environmental protection and energy saving.
4、Box stainless steel spray treatment, beautiful appearance, practical, and with a standard fill port, water switch and overflow, automatic control of the water level.
5、Each fog screen unit can be used alone, can also be used in combination to form a variety of shapes, such as flat, curved and so on.
6、Fog screen device can be computer, program, infrared, laser, radar through the projector speed of light projected onto the fog screen through the wind to form a variety of dynamic, virtual variety of images.
7、Computer, VCD, DVD, etc. through the projector or laser light speed through the wind field projected onto the screen,
forming a variety of images.
8、Fog screen non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and produce negative ions, the air purification there, visitors can enjoy interaction with the fog screen.
9、Fog screen fog will not accumulate in the room to stay off the power, completely gasification。
10、The site installation requirements are small, can be installed in the lobby, access, door, elevator and so on.
11、Equipment at the same time with hanging and floor two installation, both to facilitate the installation of equipment, but also improve the efficiency of the use of space;
12、The overall design of the device after repeated tests and years of actual testing, compact structure, with a reasonable, no high-power motor, noise-free work.

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