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3D Holographic Rear Projection Screen Film

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  • many places for window display
  • Product Manual:3D Holographic Rear Projection Screen Film
Rear Projection Film creates a high-definition image to allow viewing audience to experience a vivid image and an unreal image through the screen .It has high light transmittance and diffusion, making excellent color reappearance. it is very useful in displaying . advertisement for outdoor which makes your normal and colorless shop window into a dynamic and fantastic experience. It also can be cut into any shapes as you like to make it alive and entertainment. It makes your shopping windows to be attractive among many competitors.

Top grade advertising hologram holographic rear adhesive film projection 3D screen film for window shop display exhibition.
Place available:
- Retail WINDOW
- Lobbies
- Bars
- Night clubs
- Museums
- Tradeshow displays
- Digital signage
- Automobile exhibition hall
- wedding photography
- department stores
- hypermarkets industry
- catering industry
- hotel industry
- chain stores and exhibition halls
- airports
- movies
- opera house
- station
- subway
- ticket offices
- advertising
- design firms
- any place of business storefront WINDOW
- billboards
- building glass wall

Our  Advantages:
We are certain that our films will satisfy any digital signage need our customers have . If you don't believe us, try them out for yourself by getting a free sample pack. it is committed to ensuring that you get the right product for the right application, all at the right price.

How to make a holo display upon the window ?
Prepare PC (video displayer), Projector , Rear projection film, Wimdow Glass.
Prepare a video (or 3D product video). Black video background will be better for window display.

Connect PC with Projector and paste the film on the glass surface. Then display the video, you will have an amazing window holo display for advertising.

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