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270 degree 3D Hologram Showcase Holographic Pyramid Box

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  • 1 side 180°
  • 3 side 270°
  • 4 Side 360° models
  • Free floating holographic Full HD picture quality .
  • Product Manual: 180 degree 270 degree, 360 degree 3D Hologram Pyramid Display, There is a glass pyramid inside the hologram box. The projector at the top of the hologram box projects the content on to this. The li

Magic 3D Hologram Showcase Holographic Pyramid Box Full HD Resolution

Availavle Degree: 180 degree, 270 degree, 360 degree

3D holographic display packed with features to bring your client’s products to life. Enveloping your client’s physical product in a magical 3D holographic story of your imagination helps them to connect emotionally with their audience, and differentiate their brand message. It is originally designed for smaller objects such as jewelry, perfume, watches, toys and mobile phones, but  products could also be displayed. It is possible to place a physical product inside the showcase for combining it with the 3D holographic content.

270° Hologram Showcase is a holographic 3D display viewable from 3 sides. It allows you to combine a physical object with 3D holographic content.It is perfect for advertising Advertising,POS,Events,Retail,Hotels,Expo's,Reception areas,Product Launches,Medical and Educational Demonstrations,Museums,Activations,Shopping Malls.

The 270° View 3D Holographic projection display lets you combine a physical product with 3D holographic content, so you can play a video inside the pyramid by itself or interacting with a physical object placed inside. The chamber can be seen from all 3 sides and is designed for open floor placement. Due to it’s stunning visual effects, it quickly becomes the center of attention in any retail exhibition, creating foot traffic and brand awareness. It is designed for installation in a free floor space, so the audience can move around it 270°. The Holographic projection display is perfect for retail, advertising, events, product launches, museums, shopping malls, medical and educational demonstrations. Available in 1 side 180°, 3 side 270°, and 4 Side 360° models.

1.  Free floating holographic Full HD picture quality
2.  "Plug and Play" easy setup
3.  Combine physical objects with holographic content
4.  High Transmittance Tempered Optical Glass
5.  Built in loudspeakers
6.  HDMI input for real-time
7.  Remote control for easy on/off and volume control
8.  Adjustable LED light

1.  Can be produced in customized colors
2.  Black inlay/bottom plate
3.  Different choices of stands
4.  Flight case for safer and repeated transport
5.  VGA/HDMI connection

Packing & Delivery
Professional flight case package for saving transportation, it can be shipped by air.

Shipping way
Sample will be sent by DHL express and bigger quantity will be sent by sea.

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3D Hologram Showcase,  3d holographic pyramid

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