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Transparent led video wall requirements and selection recommendations

Transparent led video wall requirements and selection recommendations

The appearance of transparent LED display has provided more choices for the market, more fashionable and more technological sense, and it has gradually become popular with the use of transparent led video wall:

First, the advantages of transparent led  wall?

The transparent led video wall is light and beautiful, and the load-bearing requirements for the building are relatively low. When it is not lit, it does not affect the appearance of the building; more than 70% of the high permeability guarantees the lighting requirements for the lighting structure between floors, glass facades and windows. And the range of viewing angles, with good heat dissipation, anti-aging performance, and easy installation and maintenance, completely changing the limitations of conventional LED display applications on glass.

1) Create a more comfortable and modern video playback environment.
2) High permeability, does not affect the light transmission effect of the wall, especially the glass curtain wall.
2) Small footprint, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Second, what are the requirements for the use of transparent led wall?

1) Unit modular planning, the whole screen is “without seams”.
It is used to play video to ensure that the picture will not be cut by the seam, resulting in an error in the overall display effect.

2) The color and brightness of the whole screen are highly consistent and uniform, and can be proofread point by point.
It completely avoids the phenomenon of projection blending, LCD/PDP panel splicing, DLP splicing, and the use of vignetting, dark edges, and "patching".

3) The whole screen brightness support is intelligently adjusted from 0~1200cd/m2, and is fully used in various indoor appearance environments.
Because LED is self-illuminating principle, it is less disturbed and affected by ambient light. It can be changed according to the surrounding environment, the picture is more comfortable and the details appear perfectly. In contrast, the brightness of projection blending and DLP stitching is slightly lower (screen brightness before the screen is 200cd/m2—400cd/m2).

4) Wide viewing angle, support level 140 ° / straight 140 ° viewing angle appears, better satisfied viewing environment needs.

5) Ultra-thin cabinet unit planning, compared with DLP splicing and projection blending, saving a lot of floor space. The device is easy to protect and saves protection space.

6) Efficient heat dissipation, no fan planning, zero noise, giving users a perfect environment. In comparison, DLP, LCD, PDP splicing, the unit noise is greater than 30dB (A), more noise after multiple splicing.

Third, how to choose a suitable screen for transparent led video wall?

First, the viewing distance:
P represents the pixel pitch, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between the two LED lamp beads. We usually call the dot pitch in mm. The smaller the dot pitch value is, the higher the unit pixel point is, and the clearer the transparent screen image is, the more it can satisfy the close viewing.

For example, the viewing distance of the LED transparent screen P3.9 is ≥4M, and the viewing distance of the LED transparent screen P7.8 is ≥7.8M. For example, the closest viewing distance from the screen is 4M, then the P3.9 transparent screen model can be recommended initially.

Second, the area:
Small-area screens cannot be used with large-pitch specifications, but large-area screens are possible with small pitch specifications. For example, 20 square meters of LED transparent screen, optional 3.9, not suitable for 7.8 or 10.4; 20 square meters of meeting room LED curtain wall screen, optional 3.9, 7.8, budget sufficient to choose 3.9, but choose 7.8 model is more economical.

Third, the budget
The smaller the transparent led video wall model, the higher the price. Product selection needs to be considered based on your own project budget.
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