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Shopping center LED screen installation application requirements

Shopping center LED screen installation application requirements
Mall placed suitable LED large screen, for brand promotion and product promotion is very important, the following summary shopping center LED screen installation application requirements:

First, the indoor shopping center LED display

The main role: shopping center LED display screen to act as an advertising screen at the same time, Ying Ying also meet the design, and create a good shopping atmosphere.

Features: Personalized design, coordinated with the installation environment; lack of maintenance space; complex and changeable shape; different installation methods.

Solution: Choosing a manufacturable full-color LED display for a variety of styling designs; ultra-thin display for pre-service use; choosing LED modules or small box sizes for ultra-slim, point-to-point spacing 6mm SMD LED display. More optional  LED transparent screen, the relative conventional screen, through thin through, bringing more sense of technology and visual experience.

Second, outdoor shopping center LED display

The main role: brand promotion; advertising broadcast; information transmission.

Features: 1, the use of outdoor advertising LED display, high degree of protection, waterproof moisture-proof dust; 2, consistent with the image of the mall, mostly chain stores, remote control and operation can be achieved; 3, viewing distance, high brightness, Body area.
Solution: Protection level ≥IP54; Unified design of LED display modeling and control system to achieve LED network cluster control; Brightness ≥ 5000nits, choose P8, P10, P16 outdoor full color LED display, according to the actual viewing distance and the screen Installation height to be set.

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